Customer Testimonials


Listed below are real Dragon Medical Practice Edition reviews by our customers.

“I am an Internal Medicine physician who has been using Dragon since version 6.. Although the EMR allows for use of traditional transcription services, most providers prefer using Dragon. I now dictate my office notes in the exam room with the patient. Dragon has improved speed of documentation, saved costs in transcription, allowed flexibility in implementation, improved patient satisfaction, and I feel improved delivery of care.”

Brian P.

“If we had continued to use the EHR without Dragon Medical Practice Edition, we would have had to cut back on a full schedule… Dragon Medical Practice Edition is an absolute necessity with an EHR.”

Chuck S. 

• “As a very poor typist, is a great boon for me to be able to talk my reports, as a clinical psychologist, into the computer. Also, in entering forms such as spreadsheets,.pdf files,Quicken records, and e-mail.”

David F.

“I am a very busy neurologist in clinical practice. I started using Dragon in the 1990’s, the very earliest versions but have applied new features progressively. It goes like this, I was ecstatic when I could start to say “chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy” and the system would have typed it before I got it out!I bless the day I came across this software and now use voice recognition to manage all the inevitable paperwork involved in keeping patient records…”

Catherine W.

“Within a week of our ‘go live’ date, it became clear that our use of Dragon Medical [Practice Edition] would be successful…”

Tim Y.

• “I’m a family physician in rural Ontario. Despite our small size, we encounter over 25,000 visits yearly. With Dragon Medical, I have reduced my charting to one minute or less. Statistically I am the fastest ER officer in our department– this is largely due to the gain in productivity using the Dragon Medical edition. The additional time not lost to charting by hand has allowed me to see 10-15 patients more daily!!! Overall, the gains to my practice both from productivity, medical care and economic efficiency has been nothing less than phenomenal!”

Tibor H.

“I see about 60 patients per week in my gastroenterology office. Dictation is required for each patient encounter. Using Dragon and templates created for me, I am able to pull up the patient’s prior notes with all the past medical history, procedures, diagnoses, allergies, past history, and more–already filled in. This has saved me countless of hours and increased my productivity. Prior to using Dragon, I had to spend twice the time documenting all these points. Thank you Dragon.”

Myron F.

“I am a dermatologist in a large multispecialty clinic and we converted to an EMR several years ago. This change added at least an hour a day to my work schedule due to my poor typing skills. Recently we added Dragon Medical to our EMR and it has made a BIG difference my productivity! It takes me much less time to finish my charts and I even get out of the clinic at least an hour earlier than before!! I am very impressed at the level of speech recognition Dragon provides”

Warren M.

• “As a physician in clinical practice,  I currently dictate all of my patient visits using Dragon. So far,I have eliminated our need to spend $450 per month in transcription fees! My notes are in the patient’s chart before they have reached the parking lot. So which is better? A one time licence or upgrade purchase…or $450 per month forever? Hmmm, lemme think.

Jerome S.

•“I am a physician and prior to using Dragon, I spent $2,000/month for transcription. Since I have used Dragon Medical, I no longer use the transcription service. This allow me to save $168,000 for the past 7 years! I see approximately 100 patients a week which means that I have used Dragon to dictate 150,000 charts for the past 7 years. Dragon has allowed me to spend quality time with my family and to dictate at home,office and even at my children’s Lacrosse practice. By using Dragon with a fax program, my referral physicians receive their notes on the same day I dictate instead of 2 weeks after transcription. Thanks Dragon.”

Peter K.

• “I am the Associate Medical Director of Puget Sound Physicians. Fifteen of our doctors started using Dragon Voice Recognition two years ago. For this group of Emergency Physicians, Dragon has replaced traditional and costly human transcriptionists. We use Dragon to generate text that we drop into an Electronic Health Record (EHR). Our Physicians have become very sophisticated users of Dragon. We use this application at work when we get a chance in the heat of the ER battle, we also use it at home to complete our charts in the comfort of our own homes. We have Dragon installed on fixed work stations in the Emergency Department as well as on computers on rolling carts that we can take into patient rooms or use anywhere we want in the Emergency Department. We use top quality directional microphones and we have had no problem with background noise – we are able to use Dragon amid the chaos and noise of an Emergency Department without difficulty.  We have updated to every new version as it comes out. Our accuracy is excellent and we are very satisfied with the product.”

Mike H.

• “I am a psychotherapist for emotionally disturbed children and adolescent. As budgets are being cut, I have less and less time to write quality notes about my clients. By using the Dragon, I am able to see more children and write better notes for other professionals to use. My empoyer and colleagues are so impressed with my personal version and production, they are buying the commercial version for the whole department to use. What a life saver! (Literally)”

Thomas M. 

• “I am a physician specializing in internal medicine.With Dragon, we have created medical templates for most of the common medical diagnoses and use them frequently. Dragon has dramatically sped up our ability to create accurate medical records at the time of patient visits. We have been able to do without paying for transcription for most of the past decade at the savings of approximately 17,000 dollars per physician. We save the transcript as an electronic medical record in which we can easily e-mail as requested and as a hard copy in the patient’s files.”

Mark R.

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