How does digital voice recognition software work?

Transcribing medical documents is the traditional form of working with paper work. However, the new age has ushered in the gift of voice recognition and transcription software! Technology has made it possible to transcribe documents with your voice and keep information filed through software and without the hassle of paper documentation. Hand writing or typing patient notes is soon to be antiquated, especially considering the rush to EMR conversion by 2014.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has been created specifically for the medical field to increase the abilities of physicians and to reduce clutter and mishaps. So, how does Dragon do this? By utilizing a vast medical vocabulary bank in combination with the fastest and most accurate speech recognition engine–Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 will save clinicians and practices tons of money, time, and energy. With this, doctors can spend more time with patients, receive higher levels of reimbursement, and improve overall patient satisfaction. 

How does Dragon work?

  • A doctor accesses important medical documents as they assess and treat patients. While they assess patients, doctors can make notes and changes by speaking. Computer software picks up the voice, transfers it into text and records in on medical records. It’s brilliant!
  • A doctor can reduce the amount of time he/she spends filing through paper work by using their voice. The software is programmed specifically to work accurately with voices and to conduct any command through voice technology.
  • Speak and it will be done. Used in conjunction with computers, dictation software enables doctors to be more organized and saves time for all medical staff.
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