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Save your hands when using the Power Mic II

Lately, we’ve had a few doctors mention their thumb gets tired when using the PowerMic II -as they hold down the button. There is an option in the PowerMic settings to make the button act like an on/off switch. Check out our support video that details the PowerMic II and its many features and program options.

Listed below are the Power Mic II’s product description and key features!

Dictaphone PowerMic II – Speech Recognition Hand Microphone

The PowerMic II from Nuance is specially designed for enhanced physician productivity, providing ergonomic control of both standard dictation and speech recognition functions. The PowerMic II microphone offers simplified, thumb-control operation for dictating, navigating, reviewing, and editing speech recognition generated documentation.
Full Dictation Control
The PowerMic II advances physician PC dictation to a new level, making it easier and faster to control voice recording, navigate and select fields in on-screen templates and standard reports, and move throughout recognized text reports for review and editing.
In addition to providing complete dictation control, the PowerMic II incorporates full-function, Microsoft compatible, PC-Mouse capabilities into the microphone to reduce the need for care givers to continually move between the microphone, mouse, and keyboard.
Using the PowerMic II, users can rapidly navigate report template fields, then record and use “voice fill-in” capabilities to insert recognized text into report template fields. By combining an ergonomic hand microphone with PC mouse functions, physicians will gain new levels of dictation speed, ease-of-use, and productivity.
Dictaphone PowerMic II – Key Features:
  • USB connectivity for easy plug-and-play installation as well as eliminating the need for sound card-enabled PCs
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner (different model) for entering MRN, accession number, or other barcode driven data, with audible feedback upon successful barcode scan
  • Unidirectional microphone with noise-cancellation ensures higher accuracy in even the noisiest environments

Configuring a PowerMic II with Dragon Medical Practice Edition

A video guide from explaining the proper procedure for configuring a PowerMic II with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

What’s the best microphone to be used in conjunction with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2?

Genesis Technologies Inc. offers a broad spectrum of microphones, providing the best microphones of each type! We carry Phillips, Olympus, and many more! There are also free apps you can use on your phone, the most popular apps for Dragon are listed below…

  • 1). Philips recorder – a great recorder app that also has the ability to send the recording file by email your email or the person that will be transcribing for you.  – This app is free.
  • 2).  Dictamus – If you are just one person, this app is really great and goes a step further.  There are more options for file type and routing of the file.  I especially like to use the Drop Box integration in Dictamus. (Make sure you use DropBox Enterprise for HIPAA Security)
  • Dragon Remote Mic–this is the most up-to-date and is supported by Nuance.

There are many considerations in choosing the best microphone for your particular needs.  The best selling options is the PowerMic II. It has a wide range of functions, and can even be customized to best suit your needs. You may need a wireless headset do you can walk around the office, dictating notes as you go.  You may prefer a handheld microphone so you can have that classic feel you may be used to.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is not a cookie-cutter solution.  Choosing the right microphone is one aspect of our discovery process with our clients–so if you have any additional comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dragon Medical: Power Mic II & Digital Recorders

Dragon Medical: Power Mic II & Digital Recorders

Here is an in-depth video for all you Powermic II users. It provides detailed description and usage instructions. It is a wonderful supplement alongside our training!