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How many software licenses will be needed in my office if there will be more than one user?

Although there is nothing to stop multiple users from sharing the dragon program on a single personal computer or work-station, the Dragon End User Agreement requires that each user have a separate license. One license per accredited clinician is the best way to think about licensing Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 for the entire practice.

Since we Family Practitioners dabble in many fields, what would the best vocabulary choice be when setting up Dragon Medical?

When dictating  non medical tasks it’s best to use the General English vocabulary. The best choice for an FP would be General Medical as it contains a mix of all vocabulary. General Medical contains everything you’d need but if you come across a few terms that are missing you can always add them.

How many computers can I install Dragon Medical on?

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 is licensed the same as its predecessor:

  • per user, on up to 4 computers.

Remember that when you are decommissioning a computer, you should uninstall Dragon to free up the licence allocation so that it can be used on another computer.

If your computer(s) crash or office updates/replaces the machines, have no fear! Genesis is partnered with Nuance, so just call us and we can get you the additional installs you need!