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Real Chat Transcript about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

This is a direct Q&A session from a chat session on our website. Here you will see many of the most commonly asked questions about the software and our company. Enjoy–and feel free to come chat with us about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2! (M-F 8:30-5  Central time)

Kyle: Hello, would you like to talk about our products?

Client: yes, what makes the 2nd edition better?

Kyle: lots of things, I’ll explain…first off you have a revamped speech engine, the terminology has been expanded, and the recognition feature has been tweaked to better understand accents and regional dialects
then you have the speed of transcription it transcribes 33% faster (while remaining 99.99 percent accurate) directly into parts of the EMR, It has adopted usage for EHR point and click systems, etc.

Client: wow

Kyle: there is way more–the auto cap is better, it can recognize homophones

Client: so is dragon medical 2nd ed. the best out there right now ?

Kyle: you can use your cell phone/ipad.andrioid device as a wirless mic that will still transfer your voice to text in an EMR or word doc

Kyle: by far, it is the best out on the market. It’s made by nuance (we are premier partners with them)
i was looking into the philips SM Air, is a powerful mic like that needed?

Kyle: not at all, it comes with a standard headset that works fine—but you can also use a hand held power mic, bluetooth headset, digital recorder, etc.

Client: can i trade the headset for a stick?

Kyle: you can purchase the power mic II combo, which includes a license with a power mic II. I can take off a chunk of the MSRP to make up for the cost

Client: whats the price on that ?

Kyle: It is currently listed at 1899.99, but I can do it for (CALL, EMAIL OR CHAT FOR QUOTE) Absolute lowest price. Unless you manage to find it advertised for cheaper elsewhere, in which case I may even price match.

Client: not a bad deal. how many computers can i put it on?

Kyle: 4 computers initially, but if you need more I can add some for you at no additional cost.

Client: do all the computers pick up on the training, i mean if i use one more than the others

Kyle: no, each install requires an install training for set uo. But you can import saved voice profiles to a different computer as needed. So like, if you use one computer sometimes, and another one less often–both would work fine. Its already 99.99 percent accurate (medical terms included) but certain things like recently added names might not be correct on the less used computer until you manually change them or import the saved voice profile from the other machine

Client: i heard a really good mic makes a big difference

Kyle: its where you do the initial training that makes the difference!!! for example, if you work in a loud and busy environment, it doesn’t make sense to do the vocal recognition training in a quiet room you’d want to do it where there is background noise, so that the software filters it out from the get-go! but a nice mic like the power mic II helps with speed because you can program certain functions, and it has some things built in that help streamline the note taking process

Client: shipping?

Kyle: Free UPS ground for you

Client: is there like a 2 week trial download i could use to see how it goes

Kyle: No, but I can give you 30 day money back guarantee. If you call in, I can lock the price for (CALL EMAIL OR CHAT FOR QUOTE), that way you don’t have to pay MSRP online.

Kyle: I’ve got the lowest prices around cause we are premier partners with the manufacturer and have a few remaining licenses from our previous quarter, and the other places don’t give you free training /implementation and unlimited technical support.

Client: ok, give me your direct line and i’ll call in to order

Kyle: 1-800-433-6326 ext. 3060

FINALLY…Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 (FOR MAC) is here!!!!

No more having to use parallels with windows software.

No influence over future computer selection.

Nuance has just unveiled the Mac version for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. You can get it through our website–though quantities are limited. So if you are wanting to run a medical speech recognition engine in your Mac computer–now is your chance to do so without needing to purchase any additional software to make it function properly.



Glen Tullman, C…

Glen Tullman, CEO of Allscripts, believes the practice of medicine is about to change. “Your iPad, your voice, and your hands will be the new input devices for the EHR of the future,” according Tullman. He said in an interview at the HIMSS conferencethat we’re reaching the point where physicians will soon be able to talk to their computer, get immediate access to all the patient data they need, and even pull up the latest clinical trials. “That’s coming within 12 months. It’s doable today,” he said.

So the future of medicine is about to arrive. What exactly will it look like? It will include not just voice recognition software–which has already been mastered by companies like Nuance Dragon–but voice recognition combined with natural language processing. That marriage, as explained in a recent article by Fritsch for Advances, will not only convert a physician’s spoken words into text, but will generate meaningful, structured information that can populate allergy checkboxes in an EHR, for example, thereby speeding up the clinical documentation process.

Equally impressive is the ability of voice recognition/natural language processing to let a clinician’s speech activate a clinical documentation system, or a picture archive and communications system (PACS), or even put data into these systems with free form dictation. Think: “Go to allergies checklist,” or “create a new office visit, ” or “insert standard review of systems.”

But perhaps the most futuristic capability of such “collaborative intelligence” tools is their ability to keep doctors fully informed of relevant patient data already in the electronic records system.

A great article I came across this morning. Thought we’d share!

By Paul Cerrato, InformationWeek February 24, 2012

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