Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 FAQ: Buying from Genesis

Key Benefits of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4:

  • Improve care efficiency. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 offers virtually instant response time, saving clinicians valuable minutes in their day – no more waiting for transcribed reports or needing to type into their EHR/ EMRs.
  • Reduce transcription and the cost of documentation. Using speech recognition technology, clinicians dictate, edit and sign medical records at the point of care, eliminating as much as $12,000 in annual transcription costs.
  • Spend more time with patients. Increased accuracy means fewer errors to correct, which lets clinicians spend more time with patients, improving both quality of care and patient satisfaction.
  • Improve documentation. Documentation with Dragon Medical speech recognition technology – as opposed to notes built by point-and-click EHR/ EMR templates alone – results in higher rates of reimbursement.
  • Secure patient information. Dragon Medical Practice Edition supports HIPAA patient confidentiality guidelines.
  • Improve physician satisfaction. With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, physicians look forward to practicing medicine – and getting home in time for dinner.
  • Increase reimbursement. A major study by a physician practice in the Northeast determined that using Dragon Medical with an EHR/ EMR increases per-physician reimbursement by $10,000 per year per physician.

Why buy from Genesis Technologies?

  • Training and Implementation. Genesis Technologies packages training and installation support with every Dragon Medical license we sell. We assist with setup and installation, and every license we sell is packaged with 2 hours of user training. Whether you are a single physician, or 20 physician practice – we have a training and implementation solution for you!
  • We offer you expertise. We have been selling, implementing, training and supporting customers on Dragon Medical speech recognition software for over 10 years. We have helped over 1500 practices across the U.S. and Canada save time and money and improve practice efficiencies by implementing Dragon Medical in their practices. Our team is incredibly knowledgeable, and is able to support Dragon with all EHRs.
  • Ongoing Technical Support. Genesis Technologies offers lifetime technical phone support for Dragon Medical. If you purchase Dragon Medical from us, simply contact us by phone from 8:30-5:00 CST for assistance.
  • Cost Effectiveness: As a Premier Partner, we offer you great prices on software, microphones and other accessories, and valuable training & support services. We also offer flexible payment options, including the ability to lease.
  • Accountability: As a small company located in Austin TX, we strive for total customer satisfaction and love referrals, so your positive experience is our main goal. Ask us about our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Just announced…Free Power Mic II with Dragon Medical Purchase!

You have until the 31st of December to take advantage of Nuance’s awesome new deal on Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. Now, for a limited time when you purchase a single license of Dragon Medical PRactice Edition 2, you get a power mic II FOR FREE. Thats right, a savings of over $400! You can order through our website (www.genesis-technologies.com) or call us and place the order over the phone! Either way, we hope you can take advantage of this steal of a deal, and we look forward to being your preferred Dragon Medical vendor.


Kyle Wayland

Eastern US & Canada

Dragon Medical Dictation

If you haven’t already heard, the new medical edition of Dragon Dictation software has arrived! Now dictation has gotten even easier with enhanced medical vocabularies and a turbo charged speech recognition engine! Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is the best dictation and transcription solution out on the market today!

Is there a Dragon Medical 12?

Sometimes software companies do things that make us scratch our heads. Nuance released Dragon 10, then 11, and now…2! So no, there is no 12th edition of Dragon Medical, but the equivalent is Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2!

Is there a Dragon Medical 12? What Edition do I upgrade to?

Nuance changed the name of the product with the previous version (Dragon® Medical Practice Edition). As a result, they have restarted the version number from 1 (although Dragon® Medical Practice Edition was never referred to as Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 1).

The Dragon® Medical Practice Edition products are based on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional core, with numerous additional medical related features such as vocabularies and functionality.

Please refer to the following chart to understand the sequence of release.

Medical Name Dragon®
Medical 10
Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2
Professional Name Dragon Naturally-
Speaking 10
Dragon Naturally-
Speaking 11
Dragon Naturally-
Speaking 12

  • Dragon® Medical 10
  • Dragon® Medical Practice Edition

Please note that Nuance has a 2 version upgrade policy. Therefore if you currently possess Dragon® Medical 10, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade now, otherwise you will pay full price when Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 3 is released.

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