Does Dragon include specific commands for use within my EMR?

Most of the native commands built into Dragon will work in any word processing environment, including the text entry windows within an EMR.  Additional functionality which is fairly universal, such as the  ability to click on a button, close a window, or open and select something from a navigation menu, will also work within an EMR.  There may be special functions which you might want to accomplish within an EMR and which are not built into Dragon.  These are generally easy to create and can be done so by Speech Recognition Solutions or a speech recognition champion within your practice.

Is it necessary to use the Medical version of Dragon with an electronic health record?

In general, yes.  For a number of reasons, Nuance, the maker of NaturallySpeaking, has arranged that non-medical versions become essentially inoperable when working in most common EMRs.  

How well does Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 work within the Amazing Charts EMR?

We get this question a lot…is my EMR going to work with Dragon? The answer is simply yes, but there are many idiosyncrasies within the EMR realm, so I have attached a link to this specific question. Click here to be re-directed to a forum hosted by Amazing Charts that discusses  DMPE2 utilization. 


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