I have to Dragon Premium 12.5–do I need to uninstall it before installing Dragon Medical? Also, can you compare the level of accuracy between the two products?

If you have Dragon Premium 12, you would have to uninstall Premium 12.5 before installing Dragon Medical. Otherwise, it will recognize Premium 12.5 as being a newer version which means that you won’t be able to upgrade your user profile either. If you have commands that you wish to import, NaturallySpeaking Premium has no way of exporting its commands but you can directly import the commands from within the DMPE 2 Command Browser. Please contact us if you need additional support….

Both Dragon Premium and DMPE 2 utilizes same speech engine but there’s far more to speech recognition than just a speech engine. Besides the obvious fact that DMPE 2 includes medical language models, it contains numerous features that make it both more accurate and more importantly, more efficient. Dragon Medical allows you to dictate directly into most EMRs, includes the ability to create Advanced-Scripting, step-by-step and macro recorder commands, multiple vocabularies, network support, batch transcribing digital recordings, Deferred Correction along with other professional features. While dictation accuracy is an important factor, efficiency is even more important.

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