The Genesis Technologies Inc. Blog is primarily for updating subscribers and the general public with answers to the most common support issues for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. This blog aims to provide supplementary information relating to various subject matters discussed during training, as well as relevant in depth information and articles to users of speech recognition and digital dictation solutions. Listed below is the product description and system requirements.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

  • By using Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2, clinicians— including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, and other care providers—can efficiently navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans directly into a patient’s electronic record.
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is designed and priced especially for smaller practices, and helps clinicians accelerate adoption of their chosen EHR/ EMR. Using Dragon Medical Practice Edition ensures clinicians document care more completely and ‘in their own words’. Clinicians using an EHR/ EMR powered by Dragon Medical have experienced substantially greater satisfaction than clinicians who use the EHR/ EMR without Dragon Medical.
  • Available only for independent practices of 24 physicians or less, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is 99% accurate ‘out of the box’ and includes a complete range of medical vocabularies. Dragon Medical Practice Edition lets clinicians use a narrative format to dictate the elements of a patient encounter where clinicians need to document care in their own words, including the History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, Physical Examination, and Assessment and Plan. Dragon Medical Practice Edition supports HIPAA patient confidentiality guidelines, a critical requirement for any practice concerned with patient confidentiality.
  • Clinicians also save additional time by using customized macros to enter frequently-dictated text with a single voice command. Overall, Dragon Medical solutions dramatically reduce the time clinicians spend documenting care—30 minutes or more a day, according to a number of studies.
 Key Benefits of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2:

  • Improve care efficiency. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 offers virtually instant response time, saving clinicians valuable minutes in their day – no more waiting for transcribed reports or needing to type into their EHR/ EMRs.
  • Reduce transcription and the cost of documentation. Using speech recognition technology, clinicians dictate, edit and sign medical records at the point of care, eliminating as much as $12,000 in annual transcription costs.
  • Spend more time with patients. Increased accuracy means fewer errors to correct, which lets clinicians spend more time with patients, improving both quality of care and patient satisfaction.
  • Improve documentation. Documentation with Dragon Medical speech recognition technology – as opposed to notes built by point-and-click EHR/ EMR templates alone – results in higher rates of reimbursement.
  • Secure patient information. Dragon Medical Practice Edition supports HIPAA patient confidentiality guidelines.
  • Improve physician satisfaction. With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, physicians look forward to practicing medicine – and getting home in time for dinner.
  • Increase reimbursement. A major study by a physician practice in the Northeast determined that using Dragon Medical with an EHR/ EMR increases per-physician reimbursement by $10,000 per year per physician.

New Features in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2:

  • Makes Clinicians Even More Efficient. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 lets clinicians dictate faster and more accurately than ever before. This new version is over 20% more accurate than the previous version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition—meaning that clinicians will save time documenting care.
  • Dictate anywhere in the EHR/ EMR. Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows clinicians to dictate anywhere in an EHR/ EMR system. Clinicians no longer have to click back and forth between information they’re reviewing and the EHR/ EMR’s dictation window. They dictate while reviewing information in Hidden Mode, which allows the clinician to place the dictation directly where he or she wishes.
  • All new speech recognition engine improves recognition speed. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 improves recognition response time significantly. What’s more, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 boosts performance by delivering easier correction and editing options, and giving you more control over your command preferences, letting you get things done faster than ever before.
  • Takes Advantage of Faster Processors. If you use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 on a computer with multi-core processors and more than 4 GB of RAM, Dragon Medical Practice Edition automatically selects the BestMatch V speech model for you when you create your user profile in order to deliver faster performance.
  • Medical vocabularies. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 now includes comprehensive medical vocabularies that cover 90 specialties and subspecialties.
  • Updated Rich Internet Applications Support. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2’s Rich Internet Application feature enhances Dragon Medical Practice Edition’s functionality in selected browser-based applications: in these applications it provides Full Text Control as well as commands to access elements found in the main interface of the web page. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 now supports Gmail, Hotmail, and Microsoft’s Outlook.com mail service. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is now compatible with the the following Web browsers – Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 9 or 10 (32-bit only), Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • Dragon Remote Microphone App for iPhone and Android Phones. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 lets you go wireless with an iOS or Android device and the free Dragon Remote Microphone App. Turn your compatible iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad or Android device into a wireless microphone for use with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 over a WiFi network.
  • Wideband Bluetooth Support. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 adds support for wideband Bluetooth wireless headset microphones, and you can get up and running quickly. When it detects that the USB dongle of a certified wideband microphone is plugged into the PC, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 offers “Enhanced Bluetooth” as an audio source type.
  • New – Interactive Tutorial. Available any time from the Help menu, the Interactive Tutorial offers short progressive simulations to help you practice good dictation, correction and editing habits so that you can create text efficiently within just a few minutes. Even experienced Dragon Medical Practice Edition users can benefit from the Interactive Tutorial.
  • Remote Desktop Connection. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 now supports remote use on a computer running Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 Ultimate. With Microsoft’s free Remote Desktop Connection software (formerly called Terminal Services Client), you can use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 from a local Windows computer on which Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 itself is not installed.
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2013. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 now supports Office 2013 with the same functionality for the same currently supported applications available in earlier versions of Office.
  • Windows 8 Compatibility. Now you can use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.
Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 – Recommended System Requirements:
  • CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core or equivalent AMD processor. (IMPORTANT: SSE2 instruction set required)
  • Processor Cache: 2 MB
  • Free hard disk space: 5 GB
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM for XP and Vista, and 4 GB for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Server 2008 64-bit
  • Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 8, 32-bit and 64-bit; Microsoft Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit; Microsoft Windows XP SP3, 32-bit only; Windows Server 2008, SP1, SP2 and R2, 32-bit and 64-bit

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