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  1. Jenny says:

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could tell me what the differences are between Dragon Premium 12.5 and Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. Any advice? Thanks…Jenny

    • An investment of Dragon® Medical more than pays for itself in terms of productivity. Physicians are deluged and find themselves working later and later in the office (especially with the push towards EMR adoption). Implementing an effective Dragon® Medical solution can be the answer to assist the physician and making the most of their time. Yes, Dragon® Medical is pricier, but the differences between it and the non-medical versions are considerable.

      Click Here to be re-directed to Nuance’s website, where they offer a comparison chart between the two platforms.

      Kyle Wayland

      Executive Sales Consultant, Southeastern US & Canada

    • Medical edition has a strong vocab bank for medical terms (an extensive list for over 90 sub-specialties). Premium 12.5 will not work within an EMR and will not accurately recognize and transcribe medical terms. If this is not an issue for you, then the Premium is a solid choice for digital voice transcription needs.

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