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Telephone: (8.30 am to 5.00 pm Central Time, Monday – Friday)

  • For General Calls, please contact: 1-(800)-433-6326
  • For Eastern US sales, contact Kyle: ext. 3060
  • For Western US sales, contact Bryan: ext. 3040
  • For Central US sales, contact Michael: ext. 3050

Fax: (512)-327-0494


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Genesis Technologies, Inc.
248 Addie Roy Road Suite B-102
Austin, TX 78746

Why buy from Genesis Technologies?

With regards to the Health Care and digital voice recognition software, Genesis Technologies Inc. is Premier Partner with Nuance–the manufacturer of Dragon software. We have been selling and supporting Dragon Medical for over 12 years. We provide implementation and training services for the Dragon Medical solution.

More training and support*: As a premier partner with Nuance, buying Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 through Genesis Technologies provides more comfort to physicians that want quick answers from a knowledgeable staff. We provide extensive training and lifetime technical support. We are not masked behind call centers that make it difficult to speak with someone—so you will always be speaking with the dedicated representative for your area.

Cost Effectiveness**: Genesis Technologies is a premier partner and is able to provide discounts on future purchases, upgrades, and accessories. We provide flexible payment options, including the ability to lease.

Experienced Team: Our team is incredibly knowledgeable, and is able to support Dragon with all EHRs. You will be speaking to a team member who is familiar with your account, and who will be able to personally resolve any issues you may have.

Accountability: As a small company located in Austin TX, we strive for total customer satisfaction and love referrals, so your positive experience is our main goal. If you have an issue, we are all aware of it and will work together to resolve your problem as fast as possible.

*Disc Installation +2 hours of training per license + lifetime technical support. Live, in-person training available

**Price Discounts and Leasing Options available + 30 Day money Back Guarantee

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