Dragon Medical Practice Edition Demonstration

Check out our distributor’s video on how to use Dragon Medical!

Dragon Medical Practice Edition provides the fastest speech recognition engine available on the market with 99% overall accuracy. Medical professionals interested in seeing this specialized healthcare speech recognition software in action will be amazed. Accelerate the adoption of EHR, improve clinician satisfaction, and dictate higher-quality patient notes through your own voice!

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 working in an EMR (PIMSY)

Certified eSupport Presents a short demonstration of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 used within PIMSY EMR.

Initial set-up for Dragon Medical Practice Edition

This video shows details the step-by-step process when setting up Dragon Medical Practice Edition for the first time. The video also contains helpful tips, tricks, and a user friendly dialogue. This is a great place to start if you want to see the interface prior to purchase.

New Mobile Recorder MD Pro Available for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Check out this video from our distributors! They have released a new option for dictating within the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 software.

How well does Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 work within the Amazing Charts EMR?

We get this question a lot…is my EMR going to work with Dragon? The answer is simply yes, but there are many idiosyncrasies within the EMR realm, so I have attached a link to this specific question. Click here to be re-directed to a forum hosted by Amazing Charts that discusses  DMPE2 utilization. 


What does Genesis Technologies include for support?

The initial training session is a  two-hour session that can be broken up into as many intervals as needed. However, quite frequently, clients do request additional sessions shortly thereafter. There is no cost for our training, and clients can enjoy exclusive, free unlimited technical support after the initial 2 hours! Listed below are the most common topics we cover…

  • Microphone handling
  • How to dictate for maximum accuracy
  • Creating a user profile
  • Dictation vs commands
  • Text and document navigation
  • Editing text (inserting, replacing, deleting etc.)
  • Best capitalization practices for your purposes
  • Correcting text (when Dragon makes an error)
  • Optimizing Dragon’s settings (the default options seldom provide the best results)
  • How to dictate for highest accuracy possible
  • Speed editing techniques
  • Correcting for optimal accuracy
  • Contending with Dragon constant misrecognitions
  • Assorted accuracy enhancement techniques
  • Creating boilerplate or repetitive text commands
  • Increasing efficiencies through creating computer control commands
  • Integrating Dragon with your EMR, legal applications or other frequently used software

I am using a transcriptionist in combination with Dragon…it sometimes capitalizes my text unnecessarily. How do I fix this?

Great question! 

Unfortunately, from time to time, the resulting transcribed text will either be capitalized or entirely capitalized from some point and for the remainder of the document.  Transcribed text may also suddenly have no spaces between words. This is typically were panic sets in, and a correctionist is left wondering if they will need to transcribe that portion of the document themselves. This time-consuming resolution is usually not required.

RESOLUTION: Instead, modification of the original dictation audio file, followed by a re-transcription by Dragon will resolve this conundrum.

Since we Family Practitioners dabble in many fields, what would the best vocabulary choice be when setting up Dragon Medical?

When dictating  non medical tasks it’s best to use the General English vocabulary. The best choice for an FP would be General Medical as it contains a mix of all vocabulary. General Medical contains everything you’d need but if you come across a few terms that are missing you can always add them.

Can my voice profile be sent to another computer?

Absolutely! With Dragon, you are able to install the software on up to 4 computers. If you have a voice profile that has been built up over many months or years, you can save the profile to a removable USB drive. Insert the USB drive into the computer you’d like to have your profile on, and then select “New User Profile” within the “Profile” section of the dragon toolbar. Select “Browse” at the bottom right, then choose the appropriate drive and select the profile. It’s that simple, and you won’t have to worry about transferring your specific voice profile to another machine!

Can I use Dragon while connected through my VPN when working from home?

Yes! With up to four installs, you can place Dragon on your home PC and still use it within your hosted EHR. Connect through your VPN to access your EHR, and dictate normally. If you are unable to copy and paste into the EHR without using your mouse, simply go into the Dragon Dictation box settings and select “simulate keystrokes” instead of “copy and paste”. 

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