How well does Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 work within the Amazing Charts EMR?

We get this question a lot…is my EMR going to work with Dragon? The answer is simply yes, but there are many idiosyncrasies within the EMR realm, so I have attached a link to this specific question. Click here to be re-directed to a forum hosted by Amazing Charts that discusses  DMPE2 utilization. 


What does Genesis Technologies include for support?

The initial training session is a  two-hour session that can be broken up into as many intervals as needed. However, quite frequently, clients do request additional sessions shortly thereafter. There is no cost for our training, and clients can enjoy exclusive, free unlimited technical support after the initial 2 hours! Listed below are the most common topics we cover…

  • Microphone handling
  • How to dictate for maximum accuracy
  • Creating a user profile
  • Dictation vs commands
  • Text and document navigation
  • Editing text (inserting, replacing, deleting etc.)
  • Best capitalization practices for your purposes
  • Correcting text (when Dragon makes an error)
  • Optimizing Dragon’s settings (the default options seldom provide the best results)
  • How to dictate for highest accuracy possible
  • Speed editing techniques
  • Correcting for optimal accuracy
  • Contending with Dragon constant misrecognitions
  • Assorted accuracy enhancement techniques
  • Creating boilerplate or repetitive text commands
  • Increasing efficiencies through creating computer control commands
  • Integrating Dragon with your EMR, legal applications or other frequently used software

Why should I even consider using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 in my practice?

  • Some people may be weary of dictation software because it hasn’t been proven in all fields as reliable. This is an understandable concern and one that has been addressed. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has been developed specifically for the medical field and working with EMR documentation.  It is not a hybrid product for several fields, but a product with one purpose for one field (though it includes support for over 90 medical sub-specialties). You can trust it…over 300,000 physicians and counting already have! Check out our customer testimonials to see for yourself. 
  • What are some of the advantages of having dictation software in a medical office? First, it makes organization of documentation easier and more effective. Having documentation loaded on computers through a server, everyone can access files and edit them accordingly. This enables all medical staffers to work in a great capacity. If people can get more accomplished, then more patients are seen in a day and health is spread to a larger community.
  • The amount of time saved with this software is incredible and whenever you save time, you save money. Dictation software improves daily tasks, speeding them along, and allowing doctors to spend more time with patients and less time filing paper work. So everyone wins. Doctors deal with less stress and hassle, doctors are able to spend more time with their patients and more patients can be seen.
  • If you haven’t considered dictation software—now might be the time. Learn how much time and money you can save with this system.

How does digital voice recognition software work?

Transcribing medical documents is the traditional form of working with paper work. However, the new age has ushered in the gift of voice recognition and transcription software! Technology has made it possible to transcribe documents with your voice and keep information filed through software and without the hassle of paper documentation. Hand writing or typing patient notes is soon to be antiquated, especially considering the rush to EMR conversion by 2014.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has been created specifically for the medical field to increase the abilities of physicians and to reduce clutter and mishaps. So, how does Dragon do this? By utilizing a vast medical vocabulary bank in combination with the fastest and most accurate speech recognition engine–Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 will save clinicians and practices tons of money, time, and energy. With this, doctors can spend more time with patients, receive higher levels of reimbursement, and improve overall patient satisfaction. 

How does Dragon work?

  • A doctor accesses important medical documents as they assess and treat patients. While they assess patients, doctors can make notes and changes by speaking. Computer software picks up the voice, transfers it into text and records in on medical records. It’s brilliant!
  • A doctor can reduce the amount of time he/she spends filing through paper work by using their voice. The software is programmed specifically to work accurately with voices and to conduct any command through voice technology.
  • Speak and it will be done. Used in conjunction with computers, dictation software enables doctors to be more organized and saves time for all medical staff.

I have to Dragon Premium 12.5–do I need to uninstall it before installing Dragon Medical? Also, can you compare the level of accuracy between the two products?

If you have Dragon Premium 12, you would have to uninstall Premium 12.5 before installing Dragon Medical. Otherwise, it will recognize Premium 12.5 as being a newer version which means that you won’t be able to upgrade your user profile either. If you have commands that you wish to import, NaturallySpeaking Premium has no way of exporting its commands but you can directly import the commands from within the DMPE 2 Command Browser. Please contact us if you need additional support….

Both Dragon Premium and DMPE 2 utilizes same speech engine but there’s far more to speech recognition than just a speech engine. Besides the obvious fact that DMPE 2 includes medical language models, it contains numerous features that make it both more accurate and more importantly, more efficient. Dragon Medical allows you to dictate directly into most EMRs, includes the ability to create Advanced-Scripting, step-by-step and macro recorder commands, multiple vocabularies, network support, batch transcribing digital recordings, Deferred Correction along with other professional features. While dictation accuracy is an important factor, efficiency is even more important.

What are the differences between the previous and latest version of Dragon Medical Practice edition?

What are the differences between the previous and latest version of Dragon Medical Practice edition?

The link provided will take you to Nuance’s website, where they have provided a table that lists the specific differences between the versions of Dragon Medical.

Will Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 work on a Mac computer?

Yes–Although not supported officially, many physicians have installed Dragon on their Macintosh computer that has either been dual booted or run in parallels with a Windows operating system.

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How many computers can I install Dragon Medical on?

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 is licensed the same as its predecessor:

  • per user, on up to 4 computers.

Remember that when you are decommissioning a computer, you should uninstall Dragon to free up the licence allocation so that it can be used on another computer.

If your computer(s) crash or office updates/replaces the machines, have no fear! Genesis is partnered with Nuance, so just call us and we can get you the additional installs you need!

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