Nuance at CES? Here come the awards!

Right now, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Nuance is showing off their brand new innovations in AI tech – innovations in automated cars, smart homes, and other connected devices. Their Dragon Drive automotive platform has been award-winning so far, and if anyone is to be trusted with voice recognition, it’s Nuance.

If you’re not already on their Dragon Medical program, you’re missing the opportunity to spend less time (or money) on transcribing patient data and get out of the office sooner. Head over to our website here for more information.

Dragon Medical Troubleshooting

If you purchased Dragon through us, you know you can count on our lifetime support for any difficulties you may have. However, we’re not in the office 24/7, so on the off-chance you need troubleshooting while we’re out of the office, check out this link.

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Dragon Medical Practice to save you time

If you’re stuck at the office when you’d rather be home for the holidays, maybe you’re spending too much time on transcription and patient data. Thankfully, Dragon is here to help you cut down on transcription times by as much as half and spend more time with the people you love.

Learn more with Dragon Tutorials

Dragon is a big software, full of features and abilities many users might not be completely aware of. Thankfully, YouTube tutorials like this are plentiful, so you’re only ever a Google search away from discovering neat tips for improving your workflow even further.

And if you’re not on Dragon yet, get to it.

Dragon Medical On The Go

Fans of Dragon have another reason to rejoice – now, not only does Dragon Medical help you eliminate your transcription fees and time spent on patient files, but it also comes in your pocket. With the introduction of Dragon Medical One, Nuance has introduced a fully cloud-based service – now you can take your Dragon Profile with you anywhere you go

Video of Dragon Medical in action

If you haven’t already seen Dragon Medical in action, now’s your chance. Here’s a video of a user showcasing exactly what Dragon can do. Pay attention to the speed of dictation and the lack of dropped words. You say, Dragon hears it, and that’s that.

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Nuance won another award? Tell me something I don’t know

Ingram Micro, the world’s largest wholesale technology distributor, just awarded the Nuance team with the Emerging Vendor of the Year award – calling them “the market leaders for organizations looking to increase productivity and organization efficiency while driving security and cost savings.” Of course, for anyone who knows about Nuance’s track record, this comes as no surprise.

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Do more with Nuance Dragon

Everyone knows Dragon is perfect for EMRs and speeding up the process of entering patient data. But what you might not know is that Dragon also acts as a general purpose dictation device, capable of turning your spoken words into text, navigation shortcuts, and more.

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Dragon troubleshooting

If you ever encounter trouble with your Dragon software and we aren’t in the office to provide support, here’s a fantastic forum for troubleshooting all things speech recognition.

On the flip side, if you still haven’t upgraded to Dragon for your transcription needs, what are you waiting for? Head over to our site to get started.

Nuance (again) voted best speech recognition company by Black Book

If you happen to see Nuance’s name in a headline, it’s more than likely about some award they won. And this one is no different – Nuance (again) has taken home the top brass in a competition by Market Research company Black Book for their advanced speech recognition technology and how it has affected the healthcare industry.

Oh, and it’s the fifth year they’ve won it. No surprise.

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