What exactly is Dragon Medical One?

Ever heard of Dragon Medical One? Dragon Medical One is a great alternative for medical professionals who would rather pay small monthly fees for Dragon rather than the large upfront payment that Dragon Medical Practice Edition requires. Dragon Medical One is also a cloud based license, which means that Dragon will not have to get to know your voice, and you will not have to create a profile. All of the voice recognition data is stored in the cloud rather than on your hard drive so that you will never have to transfer data from computer to computer to get Dragon to recognize your voice. Also, Dragon Medical One is meant for one user, but can be installed on an unlimited amount of computers rather than Dragon Medical Practice Edition which limits you to four computers. If you’re interested in learning more about Dragon Medical One, check out the link below to navigate to our website.

Which Mic works best with Dragon Medical?

We highly recommend the mic that was designed by the creators of Dragon, Nuance Power Mic III. the Power Mic is the leading dictation device used by Dragon users and has buttons that correlate specifically with Dragons functionality. Don’t forget that we carry bundles with Dragon and the power mic! You can find a standalone listing for the Power Mic III on our website here.

Request a Dragon Demo so you can make an informed purchase.

If you have any hesitation about purchasing Dragon Medical or you just want to see how it works, we offer free Dragon demos. We’ll walk you through the process of registration, installation, setup, and actual use. In addition, we’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding Dragon. Once you provide us with our information by filling out this form, we’ll contact you to schedule your demo so you can see how Dragon works and equip yourself with the right info to make an informed purchase.

Check out Dragon reviews from a wide range of doctors!

Check out this page to hear about different doctors’ positive experiences while using Dragon Medical. The doctors you’ll hear from vary widely in practice, and go into helpful detail about how Dragon has improved workflow and lessened workload.
If you’re in need of Dragon for your own practice, check out our Dragon Medical page hereFeel free to request a quote for our best price! Just give us a chat.

Scared to trust Dragons dictation capabilities? Have no fear.

If words like fasciculation, obdormition, onychocryptosis, or sternutate are a regular part of your daily medical terminology, we understand your hesitancy in entrusting a dictation program to write your notes for you. With Dragon Medical, however, you have nothing to fear – the software is specifically designed to recognize your voice, adapt to your speech patterns and sound levels, and is expertly crafted to handle even the longest and most complex of medical terminology. Installing Dragon Medical on your computer consists of a series of voice tests in which Dragon gets to know the sound of your voice, allowing it to create a personal profile based on your unique pronunciation and pitch. In addition, Dragon has a comprehensive library of medical terminology that allows it to recognize anything you throw – or speak – at it.

If you want to see our Dragon Medical page, click here to get started. We’d be happy to send you a quote or answer any questions you may have – just chat us or give us a call!

Talk to actual Dragon Medical users about their experiences

Want to talk to other Dragon users or ask a question about their experiences with Dragon medical? Check out KnowBrainer’s Dragon Medical forum here to strike up a conversation with an actual Dragon user.

If you’re in need of Dragon Medical, you can start by going to our product page here.

The Power Mic III and what to know before you download Dragon Medical

If you are considering Dragon Medical for your practice, check out this thorough review of Dragons powerful voice recognition capabilities. The review includes an explanation of what makes the power mic III a worthy upgrade from the power mic II and other microphone brands, as well as tips on what you should know prior to downloading the software.

Once you’ve read over the review, you can navigate to our Dragon Medical page here.

Dragon Medical “improves productivity and physician satisfaction” and “simplifies the workflow.”

Brian Zimmerman of the American College of Emergency Physicians says Dragon Medical gives an overview of why Dragon Medical makes his life easier. Take a look at his review here.


And while you’re at it, check out our dragon medical page here.

Practice Fusion users rejoice: Practice Fusion is compatible with Dragon Medical

If you’re wondering whether Practice Fusion is compatible with Dragon Medical, you’re in luck. Take a look at the Q&A section of Practice Fusion’s website here, and you’ll see that Dragon Medical can work in tandem with Practice Fusion. They also include a list of the best browsers to use while running both software together.

Practice Fusion user or not, if you’re interested in purchasing Dragon Medical, click here.

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