Dragon 13 Support for Office

For everyone who is considering buying Dragon Premium 13 or Dragon Professional 13, it is important to note that version 13 does not support Microsoft Office 2016. It does, however, support the Windows 10 operating system.

Restoring a corrupted profile

If you have a corrupted profile, follow these simple steps for a quick fix.

Get to your C drive.

Make sure you can view hidden folders.

Choose Program Data, then Nuance, then NaturallySpeaking12.

Click on the user folder.

Select your profile.

Take the backup folder, copy it, then paste.

Rename your “current” folder to “current – old” (There is a space between the hyphen on both sides).

Your copied backup folder (reads Backup-copy) must now be renamed to “current”.

Restart dragon, issue fixed.

Unlimited Support!

When you purchase Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 from Genesis Technologies, Inc. you will receive free installation and deployment services, as well as lifetime technical support! Most resellers will just have you “buy and bye”, but we are committed to making sure you have a smooth transition with the software.

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New PC? Bring your profile over.

If you are using Dragon Medical Practice edition 2 and you need to bring your profile over to a new computer, the task may seem daunting at first. What about your commands? What about your hotkeys? How will you bring over the trained vocab you have done over the years?

Worry not, for it is incredibly simple. All you need is a USB stick and a few minutes.

First, go to the computer where you currently have Dragon installed. Go to profile, “Manage User Profiles”, click your profile to highlight it, then click the “Advanced” button. Choose “Export” and then send it to your USB stick.

Take the USB stick, pop it in the new computer. You then follow the same steps.  Go to profile, “Manage User Profiles”, click your profile to highlight it, then click the “Advanced” button. This time choose “Import”. Select the file from the location on the USB and let Dragon do the rest.

Introducing, Dragon Medical Direct

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