How to Fix Common Issues with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the best on premise solution for professional grade text-to-speech solution. Many medical practitioners use it in their daily practice and have a lot of success dictating their patient notes into an EMR or EHR. However, Dragon is not without issues, and what you may not know is that we offer complimentary support for all of our Dragon customers, covering the lifetime of the product.

This series will examine some of the most common mistakes our customers experience while using Dragon and outline practical solutions to resolve those issues so you can stop worrying and get back to dictating as soon as possible.

I will often have customers call in asking for help because their profile is failing to load, or the mic won’t connect like it normally does. Sometimes it may appear that you can no longer dictate in Dragon Medical Practice Edition at all. All of these issues can be caused by a corrupt speech profile.

A corrupt speech profile is caused when certain files that store the profile on your PC are damaged or corrupted over time. Sometimes this can be caused by the way your file permissions are set. Another common cause of a corrupted Dragon Medical Practice Edition speech profile is an antivirus blocking key dragon files. The last potential cause is your UAC settings preventing the Dragon Medical Practice Edition Software from accessing your speech profile.

This fix can help troubleshoot problems with loading Dragon Naturally Speaking related to a corrupt dragon profile.

  • Make sure that Dragon Naturally Speaking is closed first.
  • Press the Windows Key + R to bring up the Run box.
  • type: %AllUsersProfile% and press Enter.
  • Windows XP Users:
  • Go to Application Data -> Nuance, then open the NaturallySpeaking folder and go to the Users folder.
  • Windows Vista or above:
  • Go to the Nuance folder, then open the NaturallySpeaking folder and go to the Users folder.
  • Now, go into the folder which is your Dragon username.
  • Rename the ‘current’ folder to ‘corrupt’.
  • Rename the ‘backup’ folder to ‘current’.
  • Open up Dragon and wait for it to load.
  • On the Dragon Bar click NaturallySpeaking -> Manage Users.
  • Click on your name and then click Advanced -> Backup to create a new backup and wait for it to finish.
  • You may now delete the ‘corrupt’ folder.

The next time you experience issues dictating, try the steps listed above and see if they repair your speech profile so you can get back to dictating in Dragon Medical Practice Edition.  I would also recommend checking your antivirus, permissions, and UAC settings to see if any of them are interfering with Dragon. Although this solution may work temporarily you won’t notice a long term change unless you fix the root cause.

Genesis Technologies Inc, is an Authorized Nuance Reseller. We offer great prices along with complementary training and support for Doctors and Nurse Practitioners. Contact us for more information on Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

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