Scared to trust Dragons dictation capabilities? Have no fear.

If words like fasciculation, obdormition, onychocryptosis, or sternutate are a regular part of your daily medical terminology, we understand your hesitancy in entrusting a dictation program to write your notes for you. With Dragon Medical, however, you have nothing to fear – the software is specifically designed to recognize your voice, adapt to your speech patterns and sound levels, and is expertly crafted to handle even the longest and most complex of medical terminology. Installing Dragon Medical on your computer consists of a series of voice tests in which Dragon gets to know the sound of your voice, allowing it to create a personal profile based on your unique pronunciation and pitch. In addition, Dragon has a comprehensive library of medical terminology that allows it to recognize anything you throw – or speak – at it.

If you want to see our Dragon Medical page, click here to get started. We’d be happy to send you a quote or answer any questions you may have – just chat us or give us a call!

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