Dragon Troubleshooting

If Dragon ever behaves slowly, or seems to be struggling to understand you, perform a Microphone Check. The room acoustics may have changed, or your voice may be louder or quieter than the last time you ran this feature.

Say “check audio” and follow the on-screen prompts for the next minute or two.

Detailed information can be found in the Speakeasy Solutions Inc. Dragon Training Workbook on the following pages:
• Version 12: page 173
• Version 13 & 14: page 187
• Version 15: page 183
You may also need to reload your Dictation Source in instances where Dragon doesn’t hear you at all. Under the DragonBar’s Profile menu, open the Manage Dictation Sources dialog box, choose your audio source and click Select. Your Dragon User Profile with your chosen Dictation Source will reload. A Microphone Check may also be in order following the selection of your Dictation Source.

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