Dragon Medical Backup Instructions

Reliance upon Dragon for our day-to-day computer use occurs very quickly. When Dragon performs poorly, or we cannot use it for a variety of reasons, the impact upon our productivity can be quite noticeable.

For this reason, Speakeasy Solutions Inc. strongly encourages regular Dragon maintenance. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, as Benjamin Franklin once said.

If you do not have an automated backup system in place that includes your Dragon user profile, perform a manual backup on a regular basis.

While twice per month is ideal, the minimum of once per month is acceptable.

1. Under the DragonBar’s Profile menu, open the Manage Users dialog box, and click Advanced> Export.
2. Save your user profile to an appropriate area of your server, or a removable media source (i.e. USB memory stick).
For additional safety, maintain the last two backups of your user profile.

For added insurance, retain a “Known Good User Profile” that you do not overwrite, and which you can resort to in an extreme emergency.

Detailed information can be found in the Speakeasy Solutions Inc. Dragon Training Workbook on the following pages:
• Version 12: pages 197-200
• Version 13 & 14: pages 219-221
• Version 5: pages 213-216

For more information, check out our Dragon Medical page here.

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