If you have an EHR that connects through Citrix…

If your EHR is connecting through a Ctrix environment, you will run into one particular issue with Dragon Medical practice edition 2: fragmented text into free text areas in the EMR. When Dragon is used on a local application like Microsoft word, there is no problem. Any application that doesn’t require access through citrix will work. The only work around that the programmers at Nuance provided me with is to use the dictation box and transfer text (there is also a button you would check to keep the text in the clip board). Alternatively, the programmer told me that you can get the network edition of Dragon—but it’s much more expensive (you must license the server for about 10K and each client access license, aka: CAL or user, for around $2,200). This would have to be done through nuance directly. I’m more than willing to show the physicians how to use the dictation box to transfer the text, as it is an easy enough work around that still saves physicians plenty of time.  

2 Responses to If you have an EHR that connects through Citrix…

  1. AK says:

    This has been my experience. Is there a workaround at this point that is better than cutting and pasting from The tools DragonPad or the dictation box? I learned from my colleagues that if you dictate with the Windows partition/parallel on an Apple MacBook the same issue does not arise. I don’t know why that would be somehow these users have been able to dictate relatively flawlessly ? Using Citrix for Mac. Before buying a Mac book just for this purpose could somebody shed any light on why this might be?


    • Kyle Wayland says:

      Not at this point. I just set up the powermic II to transfer text, that way you dont actually have to copy and paste. Doing that removes those steps for you.

      If you use parallels and Mac, but are still dictating in a citrix environment, I dont see how that would change anything. Call us and we can troubleshoot with you for a bit if needed. Thanks for commenting!

      Also, FWIW, we are running specials on Dragon now. If you refer someone to buy dragon, we can send you a Visa gift card!

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