Punctuation Overview

Dragon has a variety of commands you can use to enter punctuation marks and symbols as you dictate.

For example, if you dictate:

I use Dragon to dictate [comma] format [comma] edit and correct all my e-mail [period]

Dragon will type:

I use Dragon to dictate, format, edit and correct all my e-mail.



Dragon will also add punctuation and appropriate capitalization in possessive words and common last names like “John’s hat” or “Nancy O’Connell.”

To dictate a word ending with (apostrophe) ’s, just say it as you normally would. For example, “that’s enough.” For words that already end in “s,” say “apostrophe.” For example, “I met my friends [apostrophe] children.”

While you must explicitly dictate most punctuation, Dragon can automatically insert commas and periods (“full stop” outside US/Canada) if you have selected the “Automatically add commas and periods” box on the Formatting dialog box. This feature is called “natural punctuation.”

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