Why should I even consider using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 in my practice?

  • Some people may be weary of dictation software because it hasn’t been proven in all fields as reliable. This is an understandable concern and one that has been addressed. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 has been developed specifically for the medical field and working with EMR documentation.  It is not a hybrid product for several fields, but a product with one purpose for one field (though it includes support for over 90 medical sub-specialties). You can trust it…over 300,000 physicians and counting already have! Check out our customer testimonials to see for yourself. 
  • What are some of the advantages of having dictation software in a medical office? First, it makes organization of documentation easier and more effective. Having documentation loaded on computers through a server, everyone can access files and edit them accordingly. This enables all medical staffers to work in a great capacity. If people can get more accomplished, then more patients are seen in a day and health is spread to a larger community.
  • The amount of time saved with this software is incredible and whenever you save time, you save money. Dictation software improves daily tasks, speeding them along, and allowing doctors to spend more time with patients and less time filing paper work. So everyone wins. Doctors deal with less stress and hassle, doctors are able to spend more time with their patients and more patients can be seen.
  • If you haven’t considered dictation software—now might be the time. Learn how much time and money you can save with this system.

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