Answers to Common Questions

Hello, I’m technically challenged and this seems difficult to implement…can anyone at Genesis help?

GT: Even if your computer skills amount to playing Solitaire or checking your email, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 can be installed and utilized by nearly anyone! When purchasing through Genesis Technologies, we will provide 2 hours of training per license, as well as unlimited technical support thereafter. Our staff is trained and incredibly knowledgeable, and you will always get a dedicated consultant to help you with whatever issues or concerns you may have. Contact us to learn more!

How do I know it will work for my accent and regional dialect, it is pretty heavy?

GT: Dragon Medical includes support for a broad range of accents for non-native speakers. The software is engineered to work with any Windows, web, or server-based EMR. It has worked for over 200,000 physicians with different accents and dialects–so you can expect that it will work for you!

Will Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 work with my specific EHR?

GT: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 works with many of the popular Windows-based EHRs. Allscripts, AthenaHealth, Centricity, eClinicalWorks, Medent, gMed, and MicroMD. With expertise in several EHRs, LANtek can assist you in understanding the process to integrate EHRs with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 software. For a complete list of compatible EHRs or for more questions about integration, please contact us today.

Do I need to purchase additional hardware with product?

GT: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 comes with a headset. There is also an app for iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and Android tablets that allows you to dictate directly into your existing device…and it’s free! Dragon is also fully compatible with input hardware devices like the Nuance PowerMic II, Philips SpeechMike, Plantronics Bluetooth Headset, and professional handheld recorders.

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