Answers from Genesis Technologies to Consumer Concerns

It seems too costly; what about price justifies the software capabilities?

GT: Granted, this software costs as much as any high-end laptop—but there is an incredible ROI that can’t be matched! In many situations, the solution will pay for itself in weeks. By decreasing the amount of time spent notating by 33%, physicians can spend more quality time with patients. Additionally, you can eliminate the use of transcription services! Dragon renders them obsolete, allowing the clinics and hospitals to save time, money, and frustration.

I don’t think typing is difficult. How will this benefit me?

GT: For many physicians, lengthy periods of typing has become the norm. But you didn’t go to medical school to type! Work overload that results in errors within clinical documentation can be very costly to a practice’s overall profitability—this can be avoided by using Dragon Medical! It’s proven. With Dragon, you’re able to notate 3X faster than typing alone. Try the software—if after 30 days you aren’t satisfied, we’ll give you your money back!

My EMR is point-and-click. Why would I need Dragon?

GT: It’s true that many details of patient records are now generated by a point-and-click system, but Dragon is designed to allow you to include notes in your own words – it’s perfect for subjective information, as well as your conclusions and impressions. In many EMRs, Dragon even lets you select buttons and links with your voice too! In most cases, more detailed notes leads to higher levels of reimbursement and patient satisfaction.

How does this software really going to save me time?

GT: With virtually instant and error-free response time, clinicians save hours in their day – no more waiting for transcribed reports or tedious typing into EHRs. Even the keyboard-warrior physicians can notate 3X faster with Dragon than typing alone!

What kind of medical vocabulary is covered?

GT: The program contains general English, general medical, and covers nearly 90 specialties from Anesthesiology to Vascular Surgery. For a complete list of vocabularies covered, please contact us.

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