The History of Voice Recognition

Interested in the timeline of vocal recognition software? Here’s a short article that goes over just how things such as Siri, Google Assistant, and other voice assistants were first thought of and created – and guess who had a major part in its creation? As if you even have to guess – of course it’s Nuance. They’re the leaders in the industry for a reason.

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition tips

If you’re a Dragon Medical Practice Edition user, check out this refresher for how to create custom macros for your software. There’s no better way to navigate your workflow.

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Dragon for better Healthcare

All day, I sit next to my phone waiting for someone to call and ask about Dragon Medical Practice. I want to share with y’all how useful this software is! I want to get you on the phone and show you how you are wasting money on transcription services, wasting money on voice recorders and memo machines. Look – more than 96% of people who buy Dragon from us walk away satisfied. And with our 30-money back guarantee, there’s no reason for you not to try the software for yourself.

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If you have any hesitation about purchasing Dragon Medical or you just want to see how it works, we offer free Dragon demos. We’ll walk you through the process of registration, installation, setup, and actual use. In addition, we’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding Dragon. Once you provide us with our information by filling out this form, we’ll contact you to schedule your demo so you can see how Dragon works and equip yourself with the right info to make an informed purchase.

Medical Practitioners flock to Dragon

Thanks to Dragon’s Medical One, the adoption rate of Dragon Medical is at an all-time high. Back in August, over 25,000 new users began using Dragon within the span of 90 days. That’s over 275 users per day. As more and more users see the value of Dragon, Nuance’s dream of ultimately lowering medical costs approaches.

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Nuance’s Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Accelerates Adoption among Clinicians for Clinical Documentation

More than 600 Organizations Go Live in Last Year; 25,000+ Clinicians Choose Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 in Last 90 Days to Improve Documentation and Efficiency

BURLINGTON, Mass., August 24, 2017 – Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced that in the past year, more than 600 healthcare organizations – from large multi-site integrated delivery networks to community hospitals and ambulatory clinics – have chosen Nuance’s Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2. In addition, more than 25,000 new users have gone live with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 in the past 90 days alone – the highest-ever quarterly increase in active users for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

Prospect Medical Holdings and University of Kansas Medical Center are among the 600 healthcare organizations experiencing productivity gains with their EHR, mobility and physician satisfaction that Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 provides. Comments from leaders at these facilities include:

•    “University of Kansas Medical Center needed technology that would make it easier for physicians to document within the Epic EHR and improve documentation quality. After a head-to-head competitive evaluation period, Nuance was the clear choice due to technical responsiveness and the overall experience,” said Dr. Greg Ator, chief medical information officer, University of Kansas Medical Center. “Since implementing Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, not only have we achieved these two documentation goals but we have also seen improvements in physician speed, mobility and satisfaction across the organization. In fact, we achieved our three-year deployment goal in just three months, and 95% of KUMC physicians surveyed believe Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 makes it easier to document within the EHR.”

Click here to read the University of Kansas Medical Center case study.

•    “The future of medicine is a fusion of clinical practice and technology, and Nuance offered a vendor agnostic platform that allowed us to unify documentation on an enterprise level,” said Dr. Manuel Sacapano, national chief medical informatics officer, Prospect Medical Holdings. “The primary reason we chose Nuance over competing vendors was quality. Considering reliability, accuracy, functionality, convenience, mobility and strong healthcare IT partnerships — each time the nod went directly to Nuance. Its speed and ability to increase efficiencies greatly helped with physician willingness to adopt Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and supporting solutions, like PowerMic Mobile.”

Click here to watch a video interview with Dr. Manuel Sacapano.

Increased User Confidence Leads to Greater Adoption
A recent year-over-year comparison reveals that Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 users are spending 37% less time editing their notes, while also capturing up to 20% more relevant content for a more complete patient story. These benefits are drivers behind the wave of hospitals that are choosing Nuance Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) solutions to further improve documentation quality.

“Nuance has invested heavily in AI and machine learning innovations and solutions that enhance the experiences of patients, employees and providers, and improve clinical and financial outcomes,” said Satish Maripuri, executive vice president and general manager, Healthcare division, Nuance Communications. “Our clients are sharing in this commitment to innovation through their adoption of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, which helps reduce their documentation burden and does not get in the way of their time with patients.”

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 requires no voice profile training, provides automatic microphone calibration, intelligently detects accents, and allows seamless switching between devices and microphones – both physical and virtual – without degrading speech recognition accuracy or system performance like other competing solutions. These advancements are so well received that 98% of clinicians say they would recommend Nuance cloud-based speech solutions to a friend or peer based on a survey of physicians using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

In addition, Nuance EHR Services offer healthcare organizations expert services aimed at helping clients successfully plan, execute, advance and maintain EHR implementation to achieve financial, patient care, clinician satisfaction and productivity objectives.

Nuance provides intelligent systems that support a more natural and insightful approach to clinical documentation, freeing clinicians to spend more time caring for patients. Nuance healthcare solutions capture, improve and communicate more than 300 million patient stories each year, helping more than 500,000 clinicians in 10,000 global healthcare organizations to drive meaningful clinical and financial outcomes. Nuance’s award-winning clinical speech recognition, medical transcription, CDI, coding, quality and medical imaging solutions provide a more complete and accurate view of patient care.

Dragon is still good? Who knew?

Look, y’all… Do I really have to keep showing you guys how useful Dragon is? Do you really need to see the software’s accuracy and speed demonstrated over and over again? Do we really need to tell you that the return rate for our dragon sales is less than 3%? Do I have to show you again that Dragon can speed up your transcription process by up to four times?

Maybe I do. Or maybe it’s time you contacted us for a free demo of the software. Let’s talk about it.