What Are Doctors Saying About Dragon Medical?

We asked some Doctors how they felt about using Dragon Medical 2 Practice Edition. Here are some of the responses.

“I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking since 2004 and had been using it with Amazing Charts since 2012. As with anything, there is a learning curve. One of the main things to understand about speech recognition software such as DNS is that it only recognizes certain “fields”, in other programs. What this means is that using DNS for some programs such as Microsoft Word, work well. For the most part, it works well with my EMR, as long as you are using Dragon to dictate an open AC chart on your computer. Attempting to dictate remotely is trickier, because Dragon does not recognize fields that are not on the same computer. This means that it will not recognize capitalization and punctuation. Therefore, you must be careful to proofread. The way around this is to dictate as described in the next paragraph.

When you have a long dictation, such as a history of present illness, it can be useful to open the Dragon dictation box, dictate into it and then place your cursor in the EMR field that you wish to dictate into, and then state “transfer text.” The text will then appear in the field. You can also dictate into Microsoft Word documents, and then cut and paste the dictation. I think that it goes much more quickly than trying to type into the field.

As you get familiar with Dragon, you can build templates that have text variables, that you can dictate into by saying “next variable.” This way, one template can serve a variety of patients. You can set defaults for the normal exam.

Know Brainer software is a great addition, if you can figure out how to use it. They have great support.

An additional thought about dictating with DNS is that your note becomes more personal and descriptive. Each patient is individualized. I get very tired of reading the same canned text from other offices, which does not really tell me about the patient.”

  • Doctor Mel

“I have been using Dragon for almost 2 decades now and I find that the functionality is almost as important to me as my stethoscope. I had minimal learning curve switching to dictation in my EMR versus stand-alone.The power of Dragon is its ability to have macros automate certain tasks. For example, I can have it close a chart and Bill 99213 with a single command. It is frustrating that Dragon does not sell a medical version for less, but it has proven cost-effective in my hands. Getting comfortable with the right microphone and playing around with it is critical. The EMR has a few problems with Dragon for example the common word “in” changes the unit from centimeter to inch, annoying, but Amazing Charts has been aware of this bug for quite some time. My mid levels are all fluent with the use of Dragon along with Amazing Charts.

  • Doctor Marlon

“Can’t imagine using AC without Dragon. Pricey, but worth it for the sanity you will keep. Make your own templates on the fly by copying your current ROS, PE, Plan, etc, stating “Open command browser” pasting into the field and assigning it a memorable name (be sure to train the command once). Be sure to check “plain text” before saving. I assign a prefix to each field P for physical text box, I for diagnosis, Plan for plan text box, etc. i.e.: Pwellchild, iphysical, PlanCDL. Strongly consider the 3-in-1 Tablemike microphone–leaves both hands free, picks up dictation from 1-2 feet away, and very accurate. (See avatar at left) Spent hundreds on other mikes until I figured this one out.”

  • Doctor Dave

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Nuance: Solving the Digital Dilemma in Healthcare

Gone are the “easy days” of healthcare. Modern regulations and an upsurge in the amount of data per patient require specific, targeted solutions, and Nuance is continually doing all they can to better the experience of practitioners.

From their renowned Dragon voice recognition software to their newly-minted Better Day Health clinical operating system, Nuance is the go-to name in medical tech, and they’re only getting better.

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Dragon Support

Dragon is a big software, and sometimes you just need help figuring something out. Thankfully, Nuance has created an entire network of support articles, forums, and answered questions, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed.

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Demos Available.

If you are interested in converting to a hands free EMR. The best option is Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. However, it is rather expensive, and you need to know what your buying will work before you spend the money. We offer full Dragon support, as well as training, and free demns.


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Do more with the Nuace Powermic III

Dragon Software is best used with Nuace Powermics, and with Powermic iii, Nuance has again outdone themselves. You’ve never seen your workflow accelerate like this. Don’t believe us? Check out this handy guide to the microphone and its endless set of features.

Just a few features worth mentioning:

  • New “Track-Point” for easy on-screen cursor control
  • New option to choose between 3 ft and 9 ft mic cable
  • Larger “Mic On” indicator illustrates when the mic is live
  • Ergonomic design allows for ease-of-use

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Dragon Medical “improves productivity and physician satisfaction” and “simplifies the workflow.”

Brian Zimmerman of the American College of Emergency Physicians says Dragon Medical gives an overview of why Dragon Medical makes his life easier. Take a look at his review here.


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Practice Fusion users rejoice: Practice Fusion is compatible with Dragon Medical

If you’re wondering whether Practice Fusion is compatible with Dragon Medical, you’re in luck. Take a look at the Q&A section of Practice Fusion’s website here, and you’ll see that Dragon Medical can work in tandem with Practice Fusion. They also include a list of the best browsers to use while running both software together.

Practice Fusion user or not, if you’re interested in purchasing Dragon Medical, click here.